Finance (FI)

Finance (FI)

Axional ERP Finance is a solution that combines strength and security with flexibility to achieve maximum efficacy in the handling of financial information, adjusting nimbly to business dynamics, ensuring consistency of financial information and enhancing decision-making processes.

The solution provides your company strong functionalities for a variety of benefits including:

  • Manage business accounting processes and financial information throughout your entire organization.
  • Improve productivity and reduce overall operational costs through configurable workflows that automate repetitive manual processes.
  • Increase the capabilities of features designed to perform reporting and consolidation processes.
  • Minimize deployment costs through intuitive setup, aligning the master data configuration of the system with your own business processes.
  • Reduce the learning curve with a friendly web interface and other desktop elements such as icons, toolbars and online help.
  • Easily work in other countries and languages, using standard capabilities to manage multiple currencies and key country-specific regulations.
  • Obtain a comprehensive and integrated financial solutions platform to enhance the operational dynamics of your finance department, creating real value within your company.


The Axional ERP/FI solution helps you automate data entry, process and obtain financial information, enable better decision-making, and optimize your business resources.

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