Sales and Distribution (SD)

Sales and distribution (SD)

Axional ERP/SD provides a complete and efficient environment designed to enhance internal procedures, improve speed, and enhance capacity to attend to customer orders and monitor sales profitability, all with the goal of empowering businesses’ commercial activity.

A wide range of features will allow you to consolidate business processes and automate sales and invoicing to your business partners or to companies belonging to the same group. Thanks to these new features, you’ll be able to track and monitor your business agreements, orders and delivery scheduling more efficiently. Furthermore, by using these features you’ll have immediate access to information about all your issues with accounts. Plus, thanks to integration with Axional ERP/BW you’ll be able to oversee and assess the results of your sales-oriented actions and your pricing policies.

Axional ERP/SD allows you to monitor the whole sales cycle, from the initial offer to the customer to order processing, reservation of stock, product picking and shipment status, and final delivery. It also incorporates invoicing and business management.

It allows you to easily create authorizations (workflow) and track and monitor all sales-related documents both logically and physically (including document management and scanned documents), as well as validations made from the authorization workflow.

Axional ERP/SD is fully integrated with the other Axional ERP modules. The fact of this integration makes all sales-oriented actions easier and quicker, improves business planning and helps offer optimal service levels. It also supports international sales, offering a varied and wide range of multilingual options, as well as several functions to manage taxes and Intrastat.


The main characteristics of Axional ERP/SD are:

Axional ERP/SD offers a set of flexible and integrated features to apply new price strategies as fast as possible, alongside a large set of customization capabilities.

Axional ERP/SD allows you to create price lists to assign prices later, starting from the base price of an article and eventually involving a greater degree of specialization by business area of the unit in charge of the sales process, or even by customer segment, customer address, and type of sale or promotion.

Axional ERP/SD takes into account the particularities of different customer types, points of sale, etc., so that you can efficiently react to market changes as fast as possible.

Defining price lists allows users to specify periods of validity and days of the week to be applied, as well as priority order and desired currency. Prices, discounts, and bonuses may be based on scaled ranges of sales quantities, helping you efficiently adapt your sales-oriented actions to each customer idiosyncrasy. Moreover, Axional ERP/SD provides the option to:

  • Set prices according to presentation format or item classification (or independently of them).
  • Obtain sale prices by taking into account purchase costs and profit margin. This feature allows you to automatically create a sales price list by specifying the profit margin required for each item.

Discounts and surcharges management lets users apply an unlimited range of discount levels, which can be applied in an accumulative and/or scaled mode. In addition, it is possible to calculate discounts as a percentage of the whole document amount or at line level.

Off-invoice discounts may also be applied to various payment channels: group, customer purchasing center, etc. Furthermore, you’ll be able to monitor the cost of bonuses and other discounts that should be settled periodically.


The management of promotions with Axional ERP/SD lets you launch commercial campaigns focused on specific items, item families, types of customers, points of sale, etc., in order to boost the sales of specific items and reinforce customer loyalty, from the point of view of retail sales or other roles in the sales chain.

Axional ERP/SD lets companies apply all kinds of discounts (direct discounts, gifts, compensations or even raffles) in order to promote a specific product, brand, product group, voucher, cumulative offer, etc.

You’ll be able to check the sales results obtained from each promotion, and assess the profitability of commercial actions.

The strategic advantage of your company lies in the capacity to deliver the right product to your customers at the right price and with the proper lead time, keeping costs tight. The features of Axional ERP/SD foster the capabilities of your sales team by helping to:

  • Classify your customers by many different criteria.
  • Manage groups and holdings. Mutual interdependence between customers.
  • Differentiate frequent customers or occasional customers. Occasional delivery addresses.
  • Record many different addresses: postcodes, delivery addresses, invoicing addresses, etc.
  • Characterize your customers so that you can evaluate your business relationship with them via many different criteria, sorting them by groups of companies, geographical location, type of sale, etc
  • Manage contacts and business partners.
  • Use invoicing mode and grouping criteria to sort delivery notes by customer.


Your business will be able to set a suitable group of items for each customer, adapting to fulfill their requirements, offering customized and constantly-updated catalogues.

Axional ERP/SD monitors risks, automatically verifying if the company or business units have already reached the credit sales limit for a specific customer (each time that a new document related to them is created). Credit risk conditions may be monitored and controlled through preset rules. Risk can be broken down according to each type of document from the sales cycle that has not yet moved to the next step, (orders to deliver, delivery notes to be invoiced, etc.), as well as outstanding collections, assigning the credit conditions and actions that must be taken in each case.

  • Assigning credit at different levels.
  • Online risk management, blocking documents and authorization workflow management.
  • Risk management insurance.
  • Risk management by business unit, company or group of companies.
  • Information about your customers’ accounts.

Axional ERP/SD provides you the tools to align the incentive system with your sales force, compensation policy and sales strategy. It helps effectively design, calculate, communicate, process, manage and monitor the planning of incentives.

Among other features, you will be able to compensate or reward your sales representatives in order to boost the sales of a specific product or to a specific customer. Because your incentive programs can be automated, your sales representatives will be able to more efficiently adapt prices to customers’ budgets and maximize the profit margin on sales.

Axional ERP/SD lets you contrast sales completed vs. commissions and incentive programs created, allowing you to react quickly to market shifts. In this sense, compensation at the company level, sales team level, or individual representative level can be quickly adapted according to sales strategy, with the help of the following features:

  • Management of quotas, commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • Differentiation of commissions by multiple criteria classifying the representative, customer profile, scope of items (product lines, manufacturers, brands, models, etc.).
  • Different bases to calculate commissions, scaling amounts, and different kinds of commission settlement.
  • Tracking and monitoring of sales performance: volume, margins, units, etc.
  • Indirect commissions, management and marketing hierarchy.
  • Goal management.
  • Reports about commission and incentive settlements.
Sales cycle features
  • Flexible setting of the document flow adapted to the sales cycle.
  • Ability to set reference templates categorized by customers or companies.
  • Ability to incorporate both the sales department and customers into the business information system. User-friendly environment to access the item catalog, perform advanced searches adapted to items’ attributes and product alternatives, and place sales orders.
  • Definition of preset queries to make item search easier and faster according to their most relevant characteristics.
  • Setting of budgets, contracts or specific commercial conditions. The system lets you confirm all these factors and plan deliveries based on contracts or commercial agreements, as well as assessing the evolution of sales and degree of progress towards targets.
  • Check the in-house stock and scheduled stock (stock which is already in the warehouse or which must still be delivered). This allows you to perform future sales according to available stock in all warehouses of the company, or stock in progress, either from purchases or internal production.
  • Integration of multiple delivery points in the same sales order.
  • Automatic integration with the sales portal, so that you can react to any situation in which an authorization or validation of any kind of information is necessary.
  • Classification and management of any business partner or entity which plays a role in the sales process. The system can distinguish between customers to which goods are delivered, customers invoiced and customers with payments due.
  • Ability to allow or restrict manual price modification in different kinds of documents, depending on each process’s needs.
  • Internal data structures which can be modified by the customer and which allow them to save more personalized information.
  • Ability to send documents by email or fax.
  • Web Services OnDemand and XML / SOAP Apps to access every feature of our ERP.
Notable benefits
  • Sales force gains access to all information about prices and margins by product in a structured way, both from ERP access and from integrated mobile devices, such as Axional Point of Sale and Axional Sales Force. This will facilitate making the right decisions about pricing policies.
  • Enhanced knowledge of customer status is gained, regarding sales history, profitability, and risk, so the company can generate personalized offers and eventually activate them or apply an approvals workflow.
  • Awareness of the impact of different strategies on pricing policy, discounts and promotions on sales profitability.
  • Increase in customer service level and service to internal departments of the company, offering all the available information for a scenario in real time.
  • From the flexibility provided by forecasts and schedules for budgeting, to specific sales offers and promotions, Axional ERP/SD turns sales budgets into commercial orders, which results in skipping data entry steps which don’t add value and introduce errors.
  • The document flow provided by Axional ERP/SD makes all the elements and files relative to a specific case, sales action, or commercial relationship readily available, allowing for better tracking and control of sales.

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