Research & Innovation

deister I+D+I

Since our founding in 1988, deister has always taken chances on innovation
and continuous improvement of our products and services.

1. “XML to SQL Syntax” Project

Carried out from 2007-2008, succeeded in creating a new syntax which allows the direct conversion of XML format to native SQL code, which made the abstraction of database management systems possible in database application programming..

2. “WAST” Project

This project involved the creation of a new solution to simplify the existing architecture of point of sale (POS) terminals. Thanks to this streamlining, and employing P2P technology, we achieved cost reduction for existing centralized infrastructure, bandwidth loss reduction, higher data transfer speeds, and more reliable performance. The creation of a web-based system also enhanced cost reduction and other advantages mentioned, contributing a new reference point to POS terminal management systems.


Carried out from 2009-2011 and financed by the Center for Technological Industrial Development (CDTI) (Intercompany Cooperation Projects. Technology Fund, IDI-20100130), this project aimed to develop a complete and standardized programming interface. This interface allows webpages to interact directly with GPS-enabled devices. Crucially, it is not limited to data transmission or exchange, but rather a set of routines which offer services needed to “regulate” the remote device.

4. “AESIR” Project

Carried out from 2012-2014 and financed by the CDTI: IDI-20120274, this project focused on developing a tool that would function as a central service for medical diagnosis apps, management apps, and online consultation apps.

5. “PALAS: BigMemory Analytics” Project

Carried out from 2013-2015 and financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism – Secretary of Telecommunications and Information Society (record number TSI-100300-2013-150), as part of the 2013-2016 National Research, Development & Innovation Plan – AEESD. The project aimed to form a system which would allow data access and transformation in real time in order to facilitate data analysis and reveal hidden patterns, trends and relationships.

6.“SOMEB, Media Broadcasting Management Information System” Project

This project is developed in collaboration with two Argentinian businesses within the CYTED-IBEROEKA program. The Spanish portion of the project is financed by the CDTI (record number 00076941 / TIC-20140316).

7. 2MSP: Mobility Services Platform” Project

Carried out from 2016-2017, in collaboration with an Argentinian business within the CYTED-IBEROEKA program, with the Spanish portion of the project financed by the CDTI (IDI-20150972). The project centered on middleware service management.

8. Visual Discovery Project for Big Data Analytics – AXIONAL VD –

This project is developed jointly with two Argentine companies within the CYTED-IBEROEKA program. The Spanish part of this project is financed by the CDTI (IBK 20170024).

9. Software platform project for IoT interface with logistics systems

This project has been developed since January 2018 and is funded by the CDTI (IDI-20180284). The project focuses on developing a messaging integration platform equipped with Services and Connectors to manage the data of the IoT devices and make them available to business management software. Likewise, the project contemplates the development of an advanced user interface that allows efficient management of the new logistics operations.