Retail management (RMS)

Retail (RMS)

 solutions can help retailers adopt the best management practices internally as a way to successfully overcome challenges.

Today, the retail industry faces a landscape where consumers are more diligent and cautious in their purchases. They are curbing their spending, increasing savings, trading down to private-label brands, eschewing conspicuous and flashy purchases, and eating at home more often.

With these shifts in mind, retail and consumer goods companies need to ensure that product offerings are tailored specifically to consumers’ lives, needs and pocketbooks. Companies must also reassess market analysis techniques to assess which attitude and behavior shifts are permanent, and which are not.

The industry must use innovative promotions and advertising approaches, including more use of digital options and social media which allow advertisers to engage with customers on a one-to-one basis, learn about them and get immediate feedback.  provides a series of solutions for the retail industry value chain:

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