Axional Enterprise Information Portal (B2B)

Axional EIP is an enterprise information portal providing a centralized access point for various business productivity applications. Through this Web portal you will have immediate communication with your customers, suppliers and partners.

The Portal interface is easily customizable to help your suppliers and customers better identify with your corporate identity.


The information provided to individuals using Axional-EIP (employees or external users) is personalized to that person’s role, preferences, and habits.


Undergoing a data breach can cost businesses precious time, money and reputation.

Our e-commerce software is evaluated, tested, and certified by external auditing companies. In the design of Axional-EIP we apply the best practices as defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and we include several features to facilitate the implementation of a GDPR Compliance Policy in your organization.

Axional-EIP restricts the information provided to users according to their security clearance. The user logs on and is given access only to information that the user is authorized to access.


A powerful Analytics module will perform the evaluation of the effectiveness of the relationship. Users can build customizable dashboards to analyze sales, costs, customers or products at real time.

B2B for Customers (Customer Portal)

Axional-EIP gives customers the tools to access information through a self-service portal. Providing real time information access to your customers empowers them to take charge of their inventory, orders and shipments, reducing their dependence on customer service representatives. The solution adapts to your business needs to improve communication and customer service. Integrated with the corporate ERP system, Axional-EIP helps automate your entire purchase-to-pay process, including communications with both large and small suppliers, increasing transparency, efficiency and collaboration

  • Orders: Customers can accurately place orders directly from your e-catalog of products and/or services. The orders automatically flow directly into your accounting/order management system.
  • Recurring orders: Customers can save time on frequently ordered items by simply reloading past orders.
  • Pricing: Customer specific pricing and catalogs. It includes Offers and Discounts management options (by customer, channel, product…), including volume discount and tier pricing.
  • Payments methods: pay on account, offline methods. Pay on cost center, for account online, etc.
  • Credit limits management (integrated with the ERP)
  • Follow-up: It allows continuous tracking of the relevant order status, access to the up-to-date information on shipment and, therefore, provides customers with the capability to plan his operations more accurately.
  • Reporting: customers value additional functionality such as: Real time information visibility into shipping and delivery, Ability to subscribe to reports and have them sent automatically, Ability to obtain historical information on inventory, orders, shipments, etc.
B2B for Suppliers (Vendor Portal)

Axional-EIP provides a self-service option for multiple suppliers that increases the efficiency of complex selling processes, allowing the expansion of your supply chain.

The solution centralizes the management of suppliers and enables efficient online exchange and flow of supplier communications. Vendors are cataloged and it’s easier to compare all costs and options available in the domestic and international markets.

Axional-EIP includes three types of functionality:

  • Effortless ordering from authorized suppliers. Speed up turnaround of employee requests for goods and services via an electronic workflow and portal e-order upload.
  • Automated PO. The tool automatically issues Purchase Orders (POs) and/or Purchase Order Quotations to Suppliers once raised up.
  • Exchange purchasing documents: Suppliers can e-submit invoices and related documents (such as Kanban orders, RFQ’s, Shipment notices, Payment inquiries…) directly on the portal.
  • PO tracking. Suppliers can report all steps: PO confirmation, quoted prices, confirmation/change of expected delivery dates, … The system, keeps a complete log of each event associated with the PO.
  • Automated Notifications & Reminders. The solution will issue notifications and reminders about actions that need to be taken, to suppliers at different stages of the process.
  • Allows suppliers to log into your supplier portal, review request for proposals (RFPs) and place a bid for your contract.
  • The tool enables you to create competitive, time-restricted bidding events for suppliers that meet your exact criteria such as price, quality, quantity, delivery times, or any other factor that’s important to your procurement process.
  • The module can send notifications about important events to all bidders.
  • Using Axional-EIP integrated contract management tools, you can maintain a centralized view of all vendor contracts to ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions.
  • Built-in features helps you to stay ahead of contract renewals, warranty expiration, and other key contract milestones as part of a proactive risk management strategy.
Notable benefits
  • Reduces operational expenses, by eliminating the transfer of physical documents such as invoices, delivery notes, etc. Your organization can focus on revenue growth instead of back-office operations.
  • Enables efficient invoice life cycle management for better outcomes
  • Using the personalization features, customers are getting served according to specific needs and requirements and that too at special discounts.
  • Build Strong Supplier Relationships by improving supplier collaboration and performance, enhancing compliance and mitigating risks.
  • Attract the maximum number of suppliers and obtain the best offer based on your price and delivery conditions.

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