Manufacturing Integrated Management (MIM)

Manufacturing Integrated Management (MIM)

Axional ERP – MIM allows the administration of production processes, covering all global needs in the areas of control of production capacity, requirements planning and production execution.

It also provides an advanced information and analysis system for strategic decision making, together with an optimal quality control system.

Production management adapts to the way you work and offers a panoramic view of production processes, improving the ability to make changes in production cycles and facilitating decision-making. It allows managing all the phases of the production process, including multi-plant management or partial outsourcing of production (maquilas). This global control allows the manufacture of products at the right time, with a planned and adequate cost and with the quality that is required.

Another key feature for achieving an efficient production system is the complete traceability of all the processes that comprise it. Axional ERP – MIM incorporates automated traceability systems that ensure that any process or final product can be traced back to its origin.

You will have a wide range of capabilities to estimate, set resource calendars, control labor performance, calculate costs, monitor serial and lot numbers, manage purchases and receipts, check materials, and plan material and quantity requirements.

Axional ERP – MIM has the functionality that allows you to manage the following business areas:

  • Product development
  • Production planning
  • Operation management
  • Monitoring and product life cycle

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