Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Design, implement, control and assess your customer relationship management plan. Axional CRM comprehensively covers all customer-related activities.

Effectively deploy your marketing strategies, salesforce management, and post-sale support services, simultaneously minimizing implementation and maintenance costs thanks to seamless integration with Axional ERP.

Axional CRM possesses components for a wide variety of customer- or marketing-oriented actions:

  • CRM Commercial: Customers and contacts, salesforce management, management of promotions and offers.
  • CRM Marketing: Setup and monitoring of marketing campaigns. Customer loyalty program launches.
  • CRM Call Centers: Ticketing and services. Service Level Agreement management.
  • Axional OLAP: Graphic business intelligence interface.


Axional CRM provides the capabilities to define your business processes, leveraging its document flow design tools and authorization workflow. A unique authorization process is implemented for each document via the creation of workflows. Through notification mechanisms such as email and SMS, alerts related to each document’s status, based on their authorization workflow and associated information, are sent to the relevant users for online decision-making.

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