Marketing campaigns

Axional CRM constitutes an essential support structure for your company when defining, planning, and tracking your marketing campaigns, customer segmentation, and campaign impact management.

Axional CRM supports campaign creation and follow up based on a target group of customers. After campaign launch, follow up can be performed on all salesforce actions, each linked to a potential customer. Actions may include visits, interviews, sending documents, making phone calls, etc. Campaign-specific impact analysis will increase your company’s knowledge base and improve subsequent campaigns based on the results obtained.

With campaign preparation in mind, Axional CRM possesses simple tools to prepare communication batches/mailings for a specific customer segment, based on statistical information and common characteristics. Said information may originate directly from Axional CRM and Axional ERP, or may be integrated from outside sources


Axional CRM offers your company the necessary flexibility to execute your customer loyalty strategy in day-to-day business. Of particular importance in distribution and retail environments, as well as companies that sell certain services, the availability of loyalty tools is a key aspect in market positioning.

Axional CRM integrates its loyalty features with Axional ERP – SD, Axional Retail, and Axional POS.

Loyalty cards and points management:

  • Card specifications
  • Points intervals by type of card
  • Automatic upgrades and downgrades
  • Card status changes accompanied by scheduled notifications, based on points ratio over a certain time period
  • Mailings set by card type
  • Linking of promotional offers with certain card types
  • Points management, including one or more plans per card type
  • Assignment of points by type of sale, point of sale, product line, brand, model, manufacturer, supplier, item, terms and conditions of sale, etc.
  • Various methods of calculating points assignment (gross amount, net amount, etc.) and ratio of points vs. amount paid
  • Minimum amount required for points assignment
  • Period of maintenance of current level before expiration (during status changes)
  • Conditions needed for points to expire. Expiration notifications.
  • Points redemption based on percentage-based conversion rates, ratios of points to amounts paid (gross or net), or promotional offers.
  • Returns and refunds with assigned points. Return of previously-redeemed points after refund.
  • Analysis based on type of customer, type of card, or points management plan.

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