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Call center

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Axional CRM incorporates various integrated features to respond to businesses’ need for advanced customer support, incident response management and follow up on queries. These issues may involve not only customers, but partners and entities connected to the company as well, covering areas such as warranties, order processing, delivery service, etc.

Organizations’ determination to reach ever higher service levels, constantly seeking excellence, has affected the design of the Service Tickets area. Efficiency is among the most important factors considered, ensuring that the typical time elapsed between a request (query or complaint) and the response is constantly shrinking, without accompanying reduction in the quality of service. As such, the following points are kept in mind:

  • Oversight of call center and the opening of tickets
  • Assignment of personnel to issue
  • Service-Level Agreement
  • Oversight of time elapsed
  • Followup on issues and closed tickets
  • Management of post-sale services


When a customer service call occurs, the call center identifies the caller and creates a service request. Depending on the nature of the issue, the request is forwarded to the appropriate parties for a response, based on service team members’ availability and areas of specialization. In this way, Axional CRM helps set business rules to define the management and escalation of support requests. If the responder cannot find a solution to a service request, they may reassign it to another appropriate party or record it as incomplete.

For example, when registering an incoming call, the support department can manage it themselves, forward it to a specialist, or forward it to maintenance. Throughout this workflow, all involved personnel have access to the customer’s information, including contracts, past calls, open tickets, responses given in similar cases, etc. This information is key to ensuring that customer support staff responds to tickets appropriately.

  • Categorization of the support request, followed by assignment of priority level, department, and employees responsible
  • Appropriate followup on responses and actions, accompanied by automatized communications with the customer
  • Tracking of all customer tickets, both on an overall company level as well as by point of contact
  • Association of tickets with accounts, contacts, products, and even documents from other modules (invoices, delivery notes, orders), thus maintaining the visibility of customer issues
  • Automatic ticket status updates via email
  • Automatic assignment of employees to issues via automatic notification sent to account managers or support department heads

The fulfillment and monitoring of service levels offered to customers plays an essential role in a company’s value proposition. As such, Axional CRM provides access to previous estimates for the closure of various types of tickets, in addition to comparing quality standards and goals with the actual management of tickets. Companies will also be able to analyze how and why past deviations from quality standards occurred, whether attributable to the organization itself or external factors.

The management and tracking of service levels allow companies to meet customer expectations at minimal cost and in a suitable timeframe.

  • System designed to measure, monitor and manage customer service level conditions.
  • Automatic assignment of a service-level agreement according to the nature of the issue or customer.
  • Real-time views of the acceptable threshold for response time and ticket closure time. Thresholds may be recalculated as issues connected to the ticket arise.
  • Service-level agreement times are calculated based on the customer support center’s calendars, as well as the schedules of assigned employees.
  • Time spent waiting for a response from the customer affects and automatically updates the employee’s acceptable response time.
  • The actual time spent on ticket closure is calculated to facilitate analysis of service levels and ticket resolution costs.
  • Creation of customized questionnaires for Customer Service.
Productivity tools

The system is completely integrated with habitual productivity tools:

  • Calendar and contact synchronization between system and email servers
  • Task synchronization
  • Messaging and alerts (email or SMS notifications)
  • Management of task-related documents


The system also allows users to access and modify CRM corporate system data, both online and offline. When network connection is restored, data that has been modified on either the user device or central system is automatically synchronized.

Business Intelligence

The system includes a broad range of graphically-rich reports and statistics which can also be displayed on mobile devices. Thanks to the services which the Axional platform offers, in no time users will be implementing new reports adapted to their company’s specific needs.

  • Access to sales lead backlog. View by salesperson, region, product, type of lead, etc.
  • Control of the entire sales cycle (pipeline) until closing and final analysis
  • Measurement of marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, controlling costs and quantifying results and ROI
  • Detailed goal tracking report on various levels (by salesperson, regional manager, etc.)
Notable benefits
  • Our unified data model allows your company to eliminate the information islands between different departments that share common sales or marketing activities. In this way, the company knowledge base is broadened, promoting optimal integration levels. Followup can be performed on all customers and their respective contacts, in addition to leads, tickets, and other shared repository data.
  • With Axional Sales Force, your sales department gains a set of resources which allow representatives to make the most of their sales activity with a single access point, without having to wait to gain access to the latest information about the customer, price, etc. Reps can also organize their agendas and follow up on their leads and calls.
  • Implement flexible loyalty programs to differentiate yourself from the market.
  • Enjoy more control, traceability and analytical tools when it comes to campaigns and leads (both repeat and new customers).
  • Service ticket management helps achieve the ideal service level when it comes to incident response and queries.

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