Axional ERP

Over the Web, accessed in a cloud delivery model, enterprise solution suite

Axional ERP is a Java/J2EE 3-tier native application suite (built specifically to be used over the web) that is accessed via a cloud delivery model. Users have easy application access through a web browser anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the model requires no costly hardware on the client end and less IT support than conventional systems.

Applications can be hosted “in-house/intranet” (in your own data center) or “in cloud/internet” (in a data center such COLTAmazon S3IBM cloud, etc).

Designed to deal with the complexity of modern business organizations, it provides robust, out-of-the-box capabilities with industry-specific needs built in. This means a better fit for your company requirements, fewer customizations, and faster and more reliable implementation.

Its functionality gives unparalleled control over the complexities of global operations, and its business process-focused approach increases your company’s effectiveness (value for the customer) and cost efficiency (value for the company).

Below you can see the relationship between Axional Business Processes and Modules:

See the Browser Compatibility TablE (BCT) to check which browsers are compatible with Axional ERP.

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