Apparel and footwear is one of the industries that best exemplifies the changes brought about by consumer trends in our current globalized environment. The removal of trade barriers presents a threat due to competition from low-cost manufacturers, but it also represents an opportunity: to focus companies’ core competencies towards design, logistics and distribution, outsourcing production to a global and flexible supply chain.

On the other hand, there has been an evolution towards a new model in fashion, reflected in the more rapid design and updating of collections, in consumer demand for the most recent trends, and in styles that change more rapidly and with more impact on consumers thanks to globalization and the media.

This availability of low-cost production, combined with shorter cycles, presents an opportunity to help increase in-store traffic, shrink inventory size, reduce the risks of obsolete collections, and lower the need for end-of-season discounts. However, challenges remain when it comes to adapting and updating the product, as well as coordinating the supply chain and accessing inventory and financial information in real time.

Axional Fashion lets customers effectively manage apparel and footwear companies, optimized for agility and adapted to respond to this industry’s needs.

It does everything from helping representatives generate sale orders on mobile, thus saving money on sample products and logistical costs, to performing business activity analysis and managing warehouses and maintenance.

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