Axional Excel Bridge

Library extension for performing Excel
processing in the middle tier

Axional Excel Bridge is a library extension for performing Excel processing in the middle tier. It can open, read and write Microsoft Excel documents at the database level — which means that you can interact with the database while reading or writing Excel sheets.

The library is a collection of XML scripting language functions that run within Axional Studio servers.

Function Description
excel.Workbook Creates a new workbook or loads a workbook from files
excel.Workbook.createSheet Creates a new sheet in the workbook
excel.Workbook.getSheet Returns a workbook sheet
excel.Workbook.cloneSheet Clones a workbook sheet
excel.Workbook.toResultSet Generates a ResultSet with the workbook data
excel.Sheet.createRow Creates a new row in the specified workbook sheet
excel.Sheet.getRow Returns a specified row from the workbook sheet
excel.Sheet.fromResultSet Generates a new sheet with the ResultSet data
excel.Sheet.toHTML Generates an HTML document with the data of the specified workbook sheet
excel.Row.createCell Creates a new cell in a specified row of the workbook sheet
excel.Row.getCell Returns a specified cell from a specified row of the workbook sheet
excel.Cell.setCellValue Sets a value for a specified cell
excel.Cell.getCellValue Returns the value of the specified cell
excel.Cell.setCellType Sets a type for a specified cell
excel.Cell.getCellType Returns the type of the specified cell