Cloud-Based Asynchronous Data Entry

Using Axional Google Bridge to perform an asynchronous data entry to your ERP

In certain cases, an organization must provide geographically remote users with specific access to corporate functionalities. These users need to enter specific data into the ERP system, but due to limitations on IT infrastructure (or security) in that region, the parent company is not willing to provide full or direct web access to the ERP system.

These situations can be addressed with Axional ERP’s ability to accept data entry from Google Fusion Tables and send information to remote users. Fusion Tables are a web service provided by Google for data management purposes, and Axional Google Bridge uses Fusion Tables as a remote data entry mechanism isolated from the ERP system.

Using this asynchronous data entry is very simple and straightforward. It encompasses two complementary options:

  • Simple setup of a Google Form template for users to provide data. This data are stored and organized in a specific Fusion Table document.
  • Uploading of data tables from spreadsheets or CSV files, even in Google KML, into a Fusion Table.

Axional ERP Google Bridge is then scheduled to import and process such data as if it originated from regular input. The bridging mechanism grants remote users simple web access in order to enter data asynchronously into the ERP system. Likewise, users can enter data even in case of potential Axional downtime.

The bridging mechanism is bidirectional and can also be used to send information (typically reports or charts) to remote users, where they can visualize it instantly. Google’s web service provides the means to visualize data with pie charts, bar charts, line plots, scatterplots, timelines, and geographical maps.

Our development framework (Axional WebStudio) is capable of extending the range of Fusion Tables’ integration with corporate systems. These tables can be managed as a regular relational database.