Axional Google Bridge

Interact with Google Fusion Tables
the same way you do with relational databases

google fusion tables preview

Axional Google Bridge allows you to interact with data stored in Google Fusion Tables, just like you would any other relational database.

This tool extends and builds upon Axional DBStudio in ways that work with fusion tables like any other local database table.

What Can I Do with Google Fusion Tables?
What Can I Do with Axional Google Bridge?
  • Easily transfer data from your RDBMS to Google and vice versa
  • Build transaction forms that operate on a fusion table as they would on local tables
  • Generate reports and dashboards, mixing local data with fusion table data
  • Mix your locally-stored data with data obtained from public Google Fusion Tables
  • Render your data and Google data together on a map


  • Pooled connection via JDBC bridge
  • XSQL DDL grammar
  • XSQL DML grammar
  • Database metadata cache
  • ResultSet cache