Development Tools

We offer a wide range of development products to make building complex business database applications easy. For years our primary objective has been to develop high-quality web business solutions and technology through IBM Informix and DB2 database engines.

Our goals for development products are:

  • To write essential business web applications
  • To extend existing legacy applications with modern functionalities such as web services, portals, mobile support, business intelligence reporting, etc
  • To rebuild legacy Informix 4GL applications as fully web-based
  • To rebuild legacy DB2/400 applications as fully web-based
  • To extend existing database applications to make use of geospatial capabilities
  • To migrate legacy GIS to geospatial databases
  • To perform complex database engine migrations using proven methods and tools
Studio Axional Studio Develop your business applications on the web. Rebuild legacy 4GL applications.
 Integration Bus Axional Integration Bus Provides connectivity and data transformation between suppliers and consumers.
VLDB Axional VLDB Foundation Toolset for the management of large databases: Blob offloading, RBS (remote blob storage) and Secure Hash Algorithm for horizontal partitioning.