Mobile Components – SuperList

The AX Mobile SuperList component is an extremely powerful view for navigating and consuming tabular data using a robust library of graphs.

Regardless of your industry or job function, you can customize SuperList to present pertinent business data in an interactive view that will have you favoring your mobile device for business intelligence, rather than avoiding it.



SuperList provides tremendous flexibility when implementing intuitive views, formatting reports and Excel worksheets that provide data according to time-saving best practices, and facilitating a usable structure for your data visualization needs. The only requirement to produce a fantastic-looking report is a flattened vertical table where any combination of columns can be grouped and then assigned to charts and tables within the view. By default, the first row in most SuperList Views is used to assign group names, while the second row identifies column titles.


  • Mix alphanumeric and graphic columns
  • User-configurable graphs
  • Highly customizable graphing options including line, bar and stacked bar graphs, as well as column charts
  • Alerts and trend icons identify when a value is not permitted
  • Dynamic sorting
  • Dialog filters to provide instant access to matching records
  • Robust graphing library including line, bar, and area graphs, column charts, stacked column charts, combination charts, pie charts, and data tables
  • Graph legends that quickly identify color assignments while exposing additional options for label assignment
  • View detail by clicking on a specific row

Bar Graphs

Bar/Column graphs are the most widely-used type for quantitative information based on a single dimension (products, employees, regions, etc.) with one or multiple measures (sales, costs, etc). Both bar graphs and column charts are extremely effective at representing quantitative information by using relative bar size against a common axis and scale, providing powerful comparative analysis.

super_2_barchart super_3_barchart2

Pie Chart

Pie charts can be implemented as an alternative to a single series column or bar graph, though pie charts must display all slices required to represent the whole. As the volume of pie chart slices (dimension values) increase, interpreting information and deriving value from the chart becomes simpler.

Due to their nature, within a SuperList in row mode pie charts are rendered as stacked bars. This is done so as to ensure a clear display of the data. In vertical mode, the classic pie chart is shown.

Area Chart

An area chart is a line chart with extended shading to emphasize a two-dimensional space which represents a trend. While one or two series can effectively communicate this information, as the number of series increase, the shading can cause interference as shaded areas overlap.

Bar Graphs

The Data Bar graph will plot one data group (series) in a horizontal orientation with the dimension values (y-axis label) displayed to the left of each bar. Tapping on the title will auto-expand larger titles, and clicking on any bar will display the data values in place of the bar.

Line Graphs

Line graphs are best applied for consecutive interval metrics which are typically time-based (month, day, etc). The benefit of using a line graph is its effectiveness at communicating trends over time.

super_6_lines super_7_lines2

Radar Chart

Radar charts are two-dimensional and represent three or more quantitative variables on axes radiating from the same point. This control is usually used to compare performance.

super_8_radar super_9_radar_legend

Gauge Chart

Gauges help improve data visualization applications for analysis and real-time monitoring of data. The gauge chart (dial chart) represents one or more values as needles on a circular or semicircular display. Droid Studio SuperList gauges support multiple gauges or dials on one chart, in addition to charts with a single gauge or dial.

super_10_gauge super_11_gauge_legend

Multiple Series

Combine multiple data series for better comparison.

Alert Tooltips

Customize alert tooltips according to your business rules, making it easy to identify which parameters are not permitted at a glance.

Row Details

Explore all data associated with a row in vertical mode, optimized for the mobile device screen.

super_15_detail2 super_14_detail