Mobile Components – Pie Charts

Pie charts are circular graphs divided into sections in order to show the percentage of the whole that a category contributes. Pie charts can be found in a variety of contexts, from corporations to science labs to personal finance.


This pie view component provides a powerful solution to monitor a single dimension across multiple measures. Whether you are a marketing professional responsible for monitoring campaign effectiveness, or a supply chain manager who needs up-to-date KPIs, the pie chart view requires minimal interaction to consume information quickly:

  • Automatic legend generation
  • Rotate to get detailed data on a slice
  • Tables, related graphs, maps, links
  • Anti-aliasing for a much smoother image
  • Slideshow capability to view multiple charts
  • User-definable slice for “Other” (outliers): allows further refinement of its content

The Axional Mobile PieView component, by default, will assign the first column as the key dimension used to represent all slices.