Mobile Components – List

The AX Mobile List component allows developers to create a data grid for business users to analyze and query in multiple powerful ways. This reporting management feature gives end users virtual ad-hoc capabilities including:

  • Navigation of tabular data
  • Real-time data
  • Horizontal and vertical panning
  • Automatic column headers
  • Any number of columns
  • Hierarchical grouping
  • Percentage columns
  • Panel freezing: Move through columns while keeping vertical and horizontal headings intact
  • Cell formatting: User-defined cell text color based on its value
  • Links to more complex reports

Real-Time Data

Access your data in real time, delivering information about business operations as they occur.

Alert Tooltips

Alerts allow users to receive critical business information quickly and in a visually-friendly way.
Customize alert tooltips according to your business rules, making it easy to identify the illegal parameters at a glance.


Easily sort columns by double-clicking column labels.


Filter data by any column in the list. Enter the filtered alphanumeric text in the column header input fields.



Easily display hierarchies by grouping data under the same header.


Data Bars

The Data Bar chart will plot one data group (series) horizontally with the dimension values labeled along the Y-axis. Clicking on the title will auto-expand larger titles, and clicking on any bar will display the data values in their place.


Detail View

View all the information associated with a row in vertical mode by clicking the legend in the first column. A new view will be displayed, in which every column in the selected row will be shown as a row in a new table.