Axional DBStudio

Monitor your database
servers from a single point

Axional DBStudio is an integrated graphical development, database management and instance administration environment that features a rich collection of modern tools. DBStudio is powerfull, combining well required functions like dbaccess and OAT. It contains a JDBC-compliant heterogeneous schema explorer, a multi-database SQL console, and an instance monitoring and administration tool.

It has the following capabilities for use with IDS:

  • Allows instance exploration, showing instance infrastructure at logical level: databases, schema, tables, columns, relationships, constraints, etc. and at physical level: dbspaces, chunks, virtual processors, etc.
  • Generates data access layer, exposing database schemas in a easy way using straight JDBC, providing access to SQL statements execution and enable database schema tuning.
  • Stores all DBA knowledge in an easy graphical interface, allowing an easy monitoring and maintenance of Instances and making easy complex DBA tasks.

Axional DBStudio is a complete multi-platform tool to create an integrated data management environment that supports the entire data lifecycle and governance of diverse data, databases, and instances.

Its intuitive functionality helps make short work of tasks that otherwise would consume hours of advanced DBA skills.

Instance Explorer

The instance explorer offers a comprehensive view of your database instances, databases they contain, and tables and objects with their respective relationships.

The database explorer provides a detailed view of all objects contained in a database by displaying information on the following object types:

  • Tables
  • Synonyms
  • System tables
  • Views
  • Indexes
  • Constraints
  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Sequences
  • ER Diagram
  • Data types
  • Storage
  • Sizing estimation
  • Security

Additionally, a set of reports is available to monitor and optimize table/index extent sizes and index uniqueness.

Informix Server Information

Axional DBStudio provides a graphical full administration tool for Informix Database Instances.

A rich set of functions is offered to monitor any Informix database server, including the ability to check storage status and data distribution, active session profiles, virtual processors, and memory usage.

General Information

This area, allows to access to key instance information like current on use configuration parameters, default parameters set on configuration file, global profile instance information like total amount of disk i/o or memory cache performance, shared memory use, etc.

One of the important areas you can consult from this area is machine information statistics and license usage statistics. These two areas are used to review compliance about license of instance and even they are documented, they are not clearly exposed to user. With this information DBA can get key information about how Instance is being used and if all license restrictions are applied.







High availability


Server Administration

Security Management

Accelerators Management


SQL Explorer

Use the SQL Explorer to perform query drill-down. The SQL Explorer uses SQL tracing to gather statistical information about each SQL statement executed on the system and shows statement history.

SQL Explorer allows to analyze SQL Statements activity in the whole server, allowing to identify which are the worse performance statements or the most used ones, and identifying
which statements we should improve to increase global server performance.

You must turn on SQL tracing to use the SQL Explorer.


onstat access and monitoring reports

A highly useful group of commonly-used reports are ready to be executed at any time. These include:

  • Chunk I/O activity
  • I/O tables
  • I/O users
  • Queries by cost
  • Queries with poor performance
  • Inactive user resources
  • Inactive user blocks
  • Database blocks
  • Table/index extent sizes
  • Temporary table usage