A constant and efficient flow of production for any manufacturing company is fed by the combination of many factors. These include well-designed manufacturing operations, flexible planning, requirements that can adapt to shifting demand, and integration capabilities with purchasing and inventory management departments in order to respond to the supply needs of each center of production.

Production departments must design and implement manufacturing specifications in an appropriate timeframe, adapted to the target market, and at as little cost as possible. All of this requires access to information shared with other departments, such as availability of raw materials, relationships with suppliers, and restocking capabilities. This potential can only be achieved with a truly integrated system.

Using company-specific solutions to optimize manufacturing operations, integrated into an ERP environment that removes all information barriers, Axional ERP offers a solution for key operational efficiency areas, such as turnaround time to market and cost reduction.

  • Product development: Product configuring tools. Materials and structures used. Manufacturing routes.
  • Cost simulations and standardization.
  • Production planning (management of supply and demand). Integration with purchase management and supply chain planning modules.
  • Manufacturing process management. Assembly lines, shifts, etc. Manufacturing orders. Tooling oversight. Tracking.
  • Followup and life cycle management. Cost control. Quality control. Technical specifications and followup.

Axional ERP-MIM will help your company improve your manufacturing processes so your business can continue to grow. It relies on the capabilities of the following modules:

MIM Integrated Manufacturing Management
SRM Purchases and Supplier Relationship Management
SCP Supply Chain Planning