Axional ERP Lite

At , we want to offer a new alternative for companies to benefit from powerful ERP at the most competitive pricing on the market. Axional ERP Lite, thanks to its preconfigured workflows and loading modules, makes rapid implementation possible with no costly system investments necessary.

Axional ERP Lite is an ERP cloud-based application service which grants our clients the maximum flexibility, trust and accessibility of a cloud system, as well as cutting infrastructure costs.

Benefits of Axional ERP Lite

  • Reduce risks of software adoption. There’s no need for companies to make large initial investments. No network or hardware component must be bought or maintained.
  • Timely updates and upgrades. Organizations can forget about unorganized updates, since the current software version is always the most updated and includes the newest features.
  • Flexible adaptation. Cloud infrastructures can scale quickly to match customer needs. This allows companies to scale without switching products, adapting new modules as the business grows.
  • Exceptional customer service. Our highly-qualified team is constantly committed to offering exceptional service to guarantee 24/7 availability of your applications.

Modules Included in Axional ERP Lite


Axional ERP Lite Finances is a solution combining robustness, security, and flexibility to maximize effectiveness in your company’s financial information handling. It works in real time with an overall, big-picture vision adjusted to your business dynamics, thus guaranteeing that financial information is coherent and enhances decision-making.

  • Purchase and sale invoices.
  • General accounting.
  • Taxes.
  • Electronic tax filing support (for VAT, withholding).
  • Payment and collection portfolios.
  • Bank remittance management.
  • Electronic banking support.

Sales Management

  • Pricing management.
  • Special sale offers.
  • Orders, shipments, delivery notes, and invoicing.
  • Reserved merchandise management.
  • Management of locations/branches and departments.
  • Unconstrained definition of new sales processes and flows.
  • Self-billing.
  • Accounting and integration with the Finances module.

Purchases and Inventory

  • Pricing management.
  • Ad-hoc purchase orders (purchases based on completed sales).
  • Orders, supply delivery notes, and invoicing.
  • Management of locations/branches and departments.
  • Generation of purchase invoices, either by automatic or manual settlement of purchase notes.
  • Unconstrained definition of new purchase processes and flows.
  • Accounting and integration with the Finances module.


  • Inventory control.
  • Management of items and stock by:
    • Serial numbers (EAN codes).
    • Batches.
    • Logistical variables.
    • Units of measurement.
    • Item packs.
  • Warehouse management:
    • Logistics accounts.
    • Stock location.
  • Transfer proposals for extraction of merchandise.
  • Internal merchandise transfers:
    • Between warehouses.
    • In the same warehouse.
  • Inventory.
  • Warehouse evaluation.

Opportunities for Growth

also offers the option to include industry-specific modules required for the full administration of your business:

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM).
  • Production.
  • Maintenance.
  • Transport.
  • Human Resources.
  • Retail and Points of Sale (POS).
  • Mobile solutions such as:
    • Technical maintenance.
    • Messaging and packaging.
    • Warehouse management.
    • Management of routes, personnel, tasks, and vehicles.