The Axional Suite of products is one of the most powerful and comprehensive systems available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and services industries. We combine the implementation of our comprehensive, high-tech ERP modules with organizational change management to obtain the utmost return on investment and ensure the successful completion of the project.

Today, companies need both Internet and mobile enabled solutions to conduct businesses. We offer a wide range of mobile applications, underlying infrastructure and development tools, with unmatched integration to corporate systems.

A fast deployment, without the need to write new code, will increase the service level offered by your company and improve your competitive position in a challenging economic environment.


Product table
Business Solutions Mobile Solutions Development Tools
Axional ERP Axional Mobile Core Axional Studio
Axional Portal Axional Mobil OLAP Axional Integration Bus
Axional Analytics Axional Mobile MDM
Axional Mobile POS
Axional Mobile SF
Axional Mobile CMMS
Axional Mobile PUD
Axional Mobile WMS
Axional Mobile SGP
Axional Mobile EXP
(Coming soon)