MAPdeister (Microsoft Azure Platform)

MAPdeister (Microsoft Azure Platform) is a secure cloud services platform offering computing capacity, database storage, content delivery, and other features to help companies grow and optimize their business.

MAPdeister offers implementation for commercial solutions with Informix databases via an Azure cloud service. This platform is targeted at clients looking for innovation and cost reduction by rolling out their OLTP and OLAP applications in the cloud. The use of Informix offers several advantages:

  • High-performance engine capable of integrating various types of data: time series, spatial, SQL and NoSQL.
  • Ability to absorb and store terabytes of streaming data originating from IoT application sensors.
  • Allows applications to simultaneously use JSON/BSON and time series data, along with standard SQL, in the same query.


MAPdeister provides a wide range of products and services which can serve as basic components to execute sophisticated, scalable applications. The use of applications in MAPdeister helps your company arrive before the market does, while also operating more securely and saving substantial costs. Meanwhile, companies also benefit from the scalability and performance of the cloud, or even a hybrid environment combining clouds with their own servers.

Integrated, ready-to-use applications:

  • The set of business solutions in MAPdeister possess a standard configuration and setup, ready to use with a few simple steps. Specialized programming skills not required.

Framework to develop your business’s own applications with Informix databases:

  • With the Axional Studio Framework, you can develop powerful, professional solutions using Informix databases. The MAPdeister solution guarantees scalability, information security, and access to applications from all standard web browsers.

Services we manage:

  • Improve company operations and reduce expenses. Our support team will handle all system operations. We offer a flexible SLA, adapted to your specific needs.


At deister, we make our extensive experience in the development and deployment of cloud-based applications available to companies, helping them make the most of the Azure cloud’s benefits:

Pay per use

  • Businesses only pay for actual usage, reducing their infrastructure, maintenance, and energy spending.


  • System capacity can be increased or reduced according to your needs at any moment in time.


  • Comprehensive security to protect and reinforce data within an infrastructure with excellent physical, operative, and software measures.

Get started right away

  • Our business solutions are simple to use, ready to roll out, and create significant impact on your company in a very short time.