Performance Tuning

The goal of our performance tuning is the optimization of system resource use in order to perform work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most systems are already designed to manage work efficiently, but performance can still be vastly improved by customizing database settings and configuration, as well as tuning the database management system (DBMS).

Using our best practices and methodology, we provide an integrated solution to solve performance issues that can arise on Informix databases.

Our methodology uses an iterative approach, analyzing the impact of configuration changes. At the start of the project, we define performance requirements in collaboration with the client in order to ensure optimum performance, no matter the database environment: small, large, OLTP, or OLAP.

Based on the requirements, our technical team prepares a set of automated test scripts that emulate our client’s business scenarios. Tests are run several times to gather specific data on transaction volumes, response times, and database manager statistics.

The results are analyzed to determine the primary bottlenecks: bandwidth utilization, CPU utilization, memory requirements, parallelization, etc. As Informix specialists, we know database-specific requirements, and we apply relevant performance tuning strategies suitable to your database.

Companies should be aware that a good tuning can provide the same or better performance boost than adding additional CPU capacity — and tuning comes at a much lower cost.