Mobile Solutions

Axional Mobile is a software platform which allows IT departments to dynamically roll out business applications from Informix-based corporate systems to mobile users with Android™ devices. As a result, companies can make their existing Informix-based applications mobile-friendly with unprecedented flexibility.

Compared to the conventional development of mobile applications, in which each new development requires a new app, Axional Mobile provides a global infrastructure through which devices can execute applications built on the server while taking advantage of all features of the device.

Axional Mobile Server Architecture diagram

The Axional platform includes a server system for service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications, with horizontal scalability, available for Linux OS.

  • It provides infrastructure services: connection to Informix database systems, load balancing, application dictionaries, data transport, etc.
  • It is designed to operate in the cloud: the transport layer allows corporate servers to process the requests of multiple mobile users through SOAP services balanced in the cloud.

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