Axional Geospatial Applications

Most data has a component that can be tied to a place: an address, postal code, GPS location, census block, city, region, country, etc. Geographic mapping lets you visualize, analyze, create and manage data with a geographic component. Users can build compelling maps to help visualize patterns, trends and exceptions in their data.

Using Informix Spatial capabilities to store objects like points, lines and polygons with geometric data types offers a significant advantage compared to classic mapping solutions, where the view is oriented towards the analysis of transactional or statistical data. New geographic tools can reveal trends and patterns that are otherwise hidden in alphanumerical data.

Informix Spatial software enables location-based data applications through support of SQL-based spatial data types and functions, which can be used directly through standard SQL queries or with client-side Geographic Information Systems software.

Built on top of these capabilities, Axional Geospatial allows organizations to easily implement spatial extensions and simplifies the process of building geospatial applications.

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