Special Support Extension (SSE)

When their life cycle ends, Deister’s software products enter a transition period so that clients may carry out a well-planned migration to the new version.

Those clients who do not wish to migrate products that have reached end-of-life (EOL) have the option of acquiring Special Support Extension (SSE) so they can maintain complete coverage before end of service and keep protecting their investment.

The features and benefits of this support are adopted individually, prioritizing the concrete needs of each client and the characteristics of the discontinued products.

In this way, continuous support remains available to maintain company operations until migration to the new Axional product line can occur without interrupting service.

SSE Service Restrictions

Clients should note, however, that SSE carries certain restrictions:

  • The annual cost of this service progressively increases by 10% each year, due to the necessity of keeping up operational equipment and tools for obsolete software.
  • It does not entail fixes, updates, security alerts or new functionalities.
  • It does not entail certification or integration with new products.
  • Support is only authorized for the hardware and software environments (operating systems, web browsers, etc.) that were accepted during the product’s Full Support period.
  • This SSE support must be adopted before the product moves to the Discontinued phase. If adopted afterwards, the price will include annual payments that may have been due from the product end-of-life date up until the date of adoption.

Risks of Not Obtaining SSE Support

Users of discontinued products who opt to continue using unsupported software should be aware of the risks they incur.

The use of unsupported software means will not provide support of any kind, including issue resolution procedures or programs.

As such, systems may become vulnerable and put your company and clients in risky situations, seriously limiting your ability to maximize the potential of the rest of your investments in technological innovation.

For more information about the special support extension program for products that will no longer be catalogued, please contact your representative, request a visit, or request a business call.