PVU Licensing

The Processor Value Unit (PVU) is a unit of measurement used to differentiate program licensing according to differences in processor technology (defined by the processor manufacturer and the name or model of the processor). For the purposes of PVU-based licensing, defines a processor or core as each processing core in a chip (socket). Each Program has a unique licensing price per PVU.

PVU per Core Table

The table shown below lists only the processor technologies which are currently commonly available. Assignment of value in PVUs for processors and technologies that may materialize in the future may be different from current values. If you cannot find the processor you’re looking for, please contact .

Processor Vendor Processor Name Model Number PVU per Core
IBM Any POWER processor launched prior to 2015 Todos 120
Intel Any Xeon® or Core® (i5 or i7) processor launched prior to 2015 con fecha de lanzamiento anterior a 2015 Todos 100
AMD Any Opteron processor launched prior to 2015 Todos 100

Licensing Example

If a customer wished to license a server with two Intel Core i5 chips (sockets), each with four cores, we would take the total number of available cores in the equipment (8) and multiply it by the PVU per core value based on processor technology (100), giving us a result of 800 PVUs for that server. The number of PVUs is then multiplied by the license’s monthly price per PVU to get the monthly equipment licensing cost for use of the Program.