OneDB, an enterprise database in the cloud

HCL wants to address market demands with the launch of OneDB, a cloud-native enterprise database. According to the company, OneDB is designed with multi-model capabilities and automated management features.

The key features include:

  • The ability to deploy OneDB as a Docker container for applications at the edge, on premises, or in the cloud
  • 99.999% uptime and scalability
  • Automated monitoring tools for database administration
  • Support for a variety of data model and data demands
  • A single integrated data warehouse
  • Ability to encrypt data and secure connections
  • Wide compatibility with programming languages


Cloud-native application architectures have changed the game for enterprise databases. The capabilities and ease-of-use of HCL’s cloud-native database, with a rich set of supported APIs and data models, enable organizations to more quickly execute digital transformation with existing equipment.

Las arquitecturas de aplicaciones nativas en la nube han cambiado el juego de las bases de datos empresariales. Las capacidades y la facilidad de uso de la base de datos nativa en la nube de HCL, con un amplio conjunto de modelos de datos y API compatibles, permiten a las organizaciones ejecutar más rápidamente la transformación digital con los equipos existentes.


The most versatile cloud native database on the market. Whether you have relational data or unstructured data, OneDB provides a streamlined experience for developers, administrators, and operations to quickly and easily store and retrieve information. Fully automated orchestration with OneDB Explore, our next generation graphical management and monitoring tool for OneDB includes new capabilities and advanced customizable dashboards.


OneDB allows you to encrypt data and secure connections. Get control of user privileges and user access capabilities. Native encryption with all settings, your data is safe at rest and in motion.

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