Machine Learning

Discover the hidden potential of your data and make more accurate business operational decisions.

Integrated in Axional ERP, there is an Artificial Intelligence module. This AI module uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to process large amounts of ERP data to provide a complete picture of your customers’ operational business data. The module helps users gain deeper insights into their business operations and make better decisions in complex environments, with operational efficiency.

Transactional data from the ERP continually feeds the AI ​​module, improving its performance through constant learning. These massive data guarantee the reliability of the algorithm results by using real and up-to-date information.

The module can recognize patterns and automate routine tasks, giving companies an unprecedented level of efficiency and insight into their data.

Easy to configure, the AI ​​module can be deployed to analyze a variety of use cases, such as customer churn, potential payment defaults, predicting customer consumption, or alerts for unexpected customer/vendor behaviors. In all cases, users will make decisions with greater confidence and precision.

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