Automotive repair

Axional ERP/ARMIS lets you manage your network of mechanics and repair shops for automobiles, motorcycles and industrial vehicles. The solution adapts itself to the level of centralization of your workshops’ management, regardless of whether workplaces are independent or franchised. For instance, a franchise workshop could maintain independent management on a commercial, logistical, and accounting level. It also makes the maintenance of centralized master data easy, with the network sharing data to reduce duplicated or incorrect information, minimize administrative tasks, and boost the availability of information.

Your workshop’s most critical and recurring operations and actions are optimized by a point of sale (POS) terminal customized for the automotive sector. The POS is natively integrated with ERP Axional, providing a platform for process automation, maintenance of master data, accounting, and financial management.

Axional ERP/ARMIS has a POS terminal adapted to industry-specific needs. It manages budgets, repair orders, rental repairs, SMS notifications when repairs are completed, productivity control and employee incentives.  It also lets you manage cash/credit advances and payments and immediately consult commercial and master data. ERP Axional functionalities also facilitate purchase and stock management, as well as accounting at a group level and independent franchise level.

The individual management of each workshop is guaranteed with the security features of the Axional Studio platform.

Empower your business today

Empower your business today