Axional VLDB foundation

A toolset for the management of large databases

Axional VLDB foundation is a cutting-edge solution for Informix database servers which aims to solve management issues for very large databases (VLDB).

A very large database is any that contains an extremely high number of tuples/rows, or which occupies an extremely large storage space.

If large storage space is occupied by BLOB storage, Axional VLDB foundation allows companies to store smart large objects (BLOBs) in file systems or cloud providers like Amazon S3 or Glacier, outside of database internal structures. This is done transparently by means of a special type of column that can be utilized similarly to BLOB/CLOB.

  • Using external BLOBs reduces database size.
  • Simplifies backup, replication and recovery processes.
  • Reduces time spent on administrative tasks.


Cloud providers or simple file system structures permit off-premises storage.

If the VLDB has a huge number of rows in tables, our solution to improve performance and reliability is to split the database into multiple instances (a virtual device), with each instance handling the same database schema with partitioned data by key.

Axional VLDB foundation offers hashing functions to determine destination data servers, such as simple hashing, consistent hashing, or automapping. Coordinator functions are also provided to simplify client application infrastructure.

Support for VLDB functions help implement a model with the following benefits:

  • Simpler than database shards.
  • Every instance is independent of the others.
  • Issues in a single instance do not impact other instances.
  • Backup or restore of each instance is independent.

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