Axional Desktop

Axional Desktop is a user’s entry point to the Axional product suite. We designed our portal to show valuable business information drawn from multiple sources in a unified way.

The Portal user can configure multiple personalized desktops with the information they want to display in real time. The result is that each desktop constitutes a dashboard dedicated to a specific aspect of your business.

Dashboards are configured by means of containers where users place what we call Information Channels. These Channels are panels which represent data as graphs, charts or tables, obtained in real time from your selected sources of information. Using these Channels, Axional Portal puts essential, specific information right at the user’s fingertips. Users can also access more detailed information with just one click, through drill down functions.

With Axional Desktop, the selection of desktops and Channels each user can see is personalized, based on the role assigned to them. In this way, the Portal’s security is ensured, and users can only access information which they are authorized to view. According to the options permitted by their role, users can modify their Information Channels and adapt them to their needs.

Axional Desktop offers enormous flexibility in information administration, generating key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as alerts for rapid management of urgent issues.

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Operational panels

Panels grant access to company data which can be used to design information channels, assisting in users’ day-to-day activities. Both transactional and non-transactional databases are available. They also possess vertical navigation capabilities, or drill down, to navigate between applications.

Business Intelligence panels

Axional Desktop can be used for Business Intelligence purposes. Companies can forget about opaque, complex traditional BI systems. With good data and comprehensive knowledge at their disposal, companies can build their own.

Maps and geolocation

A wide range of functions are included which grant access to relational and geographic information. These functions simplify the mapping and representation of transactional or statistical information.

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