Informix specialized services

deister’s human team has extensive experience in consulting services and solutions based on Informix databases and 4GL, mainly aimed at maintaining and improving mission-critical business environments. deister has more than 30 years of experience and we can provide the technical support that companies using the Informix database and 4GL need.

Informix DBA services

We have accumulated plenty of experience after more than 25 years working in Informix environments, complemented by our experience developing database tools and carrying out large database implementation projects.

Our customers can directly take advantage of this experience we’ve collected over the years. Our offer is more than just standard update support or reassignment of cases to IBM personnel. Our comprehensive support offer lets you benefit from our know-how and full management of each case, accessing not only the knowledge databases of IBM, but also the management skills of our staff.

Our Informix specialists have extensive experience and recognition. You can access your consultants to both address the resolution of problems and determine the best methods of equipment installation or configuration.

Informix 4GL development

deister provides Informix 4GL consulting services including system requirements gathering, design, development, maintenance, application support, testing and implementation. The services can be provided either on-site at your location or from our offices, as best fits your needs.

We provide the following services:

  • Maintenance of existing 4GL applications
  • Development of new solutions and/or integration of 4GL code with other applications
  • Application conversion to graphical user interface, including graphical forms and reports, using high productivity tools


Our technicians are highly qualified and have obtained multiple official IBM certifications as well as experience in supporting major Informix and 4GL installations worldwide.

Informix 4GL Legacy Modernization

We bring expertise, developed through years of experience, into the process of modernizing and migrating legacy systems, architectures and processes. In our Modernization projects, we pursue the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost: The modernization process lowers the high maintenance cost of existing legacy platforms, resulting in substantial savings in the cost of running a business.
  • Improved flexibility: Flexible IT environments are created that are capable of interacting with contemporary platforms such as web-enabled software. This flexibility allows the alignment of IT systems to dynamic business needs.
  • Minimized disruption: The use of an Axional framework and tools combined with Deister‘s expertise reduces the risk involved in legacy modernization projects.


We are well aware of the complexity and costs involved in the migration of a legacy application, as well as the problems associated with this process when inappropriate methods are employed. That’s why we always check with a potential customer that the use of our tools and methods can offer them a significant advantage.

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