Axional Mobile SF (CRM)

Use a single device to control all the interactions
with your costumers

Axional Sales Force is a powerful system offering a single point of interaction with your customer. Its design is based on the following key points:

  • Usability
  • Network independence
  • Integrated with corporate applications
  • Security

The product fulfills the needs and requirements of your sales force. Its features include:

  • Planning (agenda)
  • Pre-call preparation
  • Interaction management
  • Reports
  • Customer management
  • Catalog (products & services)
  • Tools
  • Synchronization

The system uses a sales assistant module to guide the sales representative during the interaction with the customer. This digital assistant uses the Survey concept as a powerful tool to link actions and tasks with the sales force scheduling. The Surveys take advantage of all the powerful capabilities offered by Axional Mobile to build complex transactions specifically tailored to your company’s needs.


Planning (Agenda)

All sales related activity is organized in Surveys that are assigned to sales representatives and scheduled for specific clients. A Survey is a set of actions that need a data input to be closed. Surveys can be on-time activities or periodic-repetitive actions.

Sales managers define Surveys and set the schedule. Then, they assign scheduled surveys to the sales work force (either automatically or manually).

The sales representative daily agenda is built automatically from the assigned surveys. Field reps can add their own tasks to aid them on follow-up calls. This ensures a greater level of customer service.

When necessary, the agenda can be edited locally in the mobile device and synchronized with headquarters’ systems.

Other key features offered by Axional Sales Force to aid in the planning process are:

  • Scheduling of multiple person visits. Sales Managers can combine the agendas of several reps or technical support people to define a single visit to a customer
  • Automatically calculate the route for the next visits and showing it graphically on a map
  • The planning module helps managers and users to follow-up the status of each assigned activity (done, pending, re-scheduled, cancelled, …)
  • The system keeps track of the physical position of the sales representative (location and time stamp). This information facilitates the preparation of expenses reports


Pre-call preparation

Prior to making a phone call or meeting a customer, the sales representative can review all the relevant information relating to the call. The system can be configured to show all types of data:

  • Customer information of any type:
    • Sales history, last orders
    • Orders status (planned delivery…)
    • Financial information
  • Objectives set for the call
  • Available Promotions and campaigns
  • Information on competitors:
    • Global data (by sector or industries)
    • Specific data for the customer
    • Arguments that should be used against competitors

This information can be reviewed just before crossing the customer’s door.

The system includes an alert module to help reps on the management of critical points. Prior to visit the customer, this module sends automatic messages that shows-up on the rep device. Alerts and messages are fully configurable.

Typical alerts are:

  • Time elapsed from the last order (global or product specific)
  • Cancelled orders or returned materials
  • Quality incident
  • Sales volume close to discount threshold

Calendar & Tasks

Interaction Management

The digital sales assistant module guides the sales representative during the interaction with the customer. The user friendly interface uses the Survey concept and helps the rep to achieve the visit goals.


All the planned tasks and actions are embedded in surveys. Axional Sales Force allows Surveys to capture any kind of information such as:

  • Quantities
  • Text boxes to report textual information.
  • Multi-select boxes for predefined options
  • Check-boxes to mark things like Job done, Included, OK, etc.
  • Dates and times: Can be captured automatically (time-stamp) or manual input.
  • Pictures
  • Signatures
  • GPS positioning (automatically).

These elements can be used to build complex transactions specifically tailored to your company’s needs. The sales representative can perform the business transactions through the mobile device:

  • Review prices
  • Check sales promotions, discounts available, …
  • Verify products availability and delivery date
  • Take an order and check credit
  • Handle returned materials
  • Verify Promotional Compliance and record share of shelf
  • Add supplementary information (pictures, videos, …)
  • Log Quality issues

With a simple click, data from mobile devices is synchronized with the server side. Central management receives instantly the survey responses, facilitating the decision making process.


The system includes a complete set of relevant reports graphically-enriched, which are displayed on the mobile device. Using the capabilities of Axional Mobile platform, new reports specifically tailored to the organization needs can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

AX-Sales-Force Reports
The real-time reports are a powerful aide to the rep in monitoring progress and targets.

Customer management

With Axional Sales Force IT departments can build standardized forms showing the relevant data of the customer. The data can always be retrieved in real-time, ensuring the rep has access to the most recent data.

Sales representatives can use this module to:

  • Get info on customer facilities, addresses, contact persons, …
  • Make a direct phone call or send e-mails using the contact data
  • Calculate the route to customer facilities from rep’s current location
  • Review last period customer activity:
    • Calls for proposals/offers
    • Orders
  • Report information on competitors

This information helps the rep better understand the individual needs of each customer. New reps benefit from the existing information, thus reducing the learning curve and improving the sales department effectiveness.

Catalog (products/services)

The company’s product catalog can be accessed directly from the mobile device. Axional Sales Force allows access to the product catalogue without any lengthy sequences of clicks.

The Search tool allows the navigation through product families, sizes, colors or other variations, simplifying the process of finding an specific product. The Catalog feature allows:

  • Show technical spec:
    • Technical Data Sheets
    • Manuals and schemas
    • Instruction for use
    • Pictures with several resolution levels (from thumbnails to high quality photos)
    • Videos
    • Attachments
  • Check Pricing information:
    • Current prices
    • Active sales campaigns and promotions
  • Check availability and delivery dates (direct access to corporate logistics systems)
  • Get statistical data (Sales volumes by sector, geographical areas, …)
  • Examine comments/warnings from other reps
  • Get information about competing products

Your product technical data, pictures and attachments may come directly from your corporate server and/or can be stored locally on your device. This allows for quick access even when no connection is available.


Axional Sales Force includes several tools that help sales representatives in their daily activities and to comply with company policies.

Trace routes
One of those tools is the Automated Expense Report. With this tool the rep can:

  • Get the mileage during a period of time:
    • Using the location data tracked by the GPS
    • Entering a user confirmation at the visit’s end
  • User data:
    • Expenses linked to specific customers or to generic activities
    • Expense types can be organized in a hierarchical structure
    • Pictures of tickets and invoices

With a simple click, the expenses data from mobile devices is sent to the corporate system including all the accompanying information, facilitating the management reviewing process.


Axonal Sales Force allows users to access and modify data in corporate CRM systems when they are both online and offline. Once the connection is available, the modified data in both directions are automatically synchronized.

The synchronization tool allows the IT department maintain the terminal databases, know their status and perform maintenance tasks. A synchronization policy determines which tables and datasets must be synchronized to and from each user.

There are three synchronization methods (Tickets, Schedule, All) (Read more).

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As the mobile device carries information relevant company requires a security system to prevent data leakage at a loss or theft.

Axonal Sales Force has a SMS message protocol that allows IT managers to manage the databases so helpless.


With Axional Sales Force your company will get the following benefits:

  • Sales force effectiveness:
    • Reduced sales cycle (lead-to-cash)
    • Increased ratio Sales/actions
    • Sales managers can monitor and analyze field data instantly
  • Productivity:
    • Increase number of visits to customers/prospects
    • Quick resolution of customer’s inquiries on products, pricing, and order status
    • Minimize sales operating costs
  • Sales department global efficiency:
    • Fewer manual and paper-based processes
    • More and better information collection on contacts and opportunities. The area or product
      managers have the information to hand right away.
    • Facilitate the complete management of the accounts
    • Real-time tracking of stock, pricing, share of shelf
    • Powerful tools for reporting and analysis
    • Improve the reliability of the provisions (“Forecasting”)

Video Demos

Delivery and Pick up demo

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