Axional Mobile PUD

An Android™ based Pick-up &
Delivery Management System

The courier industry always looks to for ways to reduce costs and increase customer retention in this extremely competitive environment. Automating processes will enable courier companies to better serve their customers and reduce the operational costs associated with doing it, which are critical factors for maintaining strong customer relationships and build long-term successful business.

The main process in the courier industry is defined by an on-the-go environment and is absolutely critical to provide field workers with the information they need while having complete visibility of the process within the back office. A system with these capabilities will help to reduce wasted time at each stop, increase accuracy by eliminating mistakes in recording data and improve operational efficiency.

Axional PUD offers a powerful solution for managing routed deliveries. It operates in real time on standard mobile devices for on-the-go, door-to-door delivery operations.

The product fulfills the needs and requirements of your on-the-field personnel. Its features include:

  • Scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries, including Ad-hoc pick-ups
  • Route calculation
  • Stop Control
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) and Chain of custody
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Regulatory and Customer Compliance
  • Control of Over, Shortage & Damage events
  • Returns management
  • Monitoring
  • Productivity and Operational reports and alerts

The system can operate both in real time and off-line and will help to reduce errors and losses and improve customer service. Your company can gain a real competitive advantage using Axional PUD.


Scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries

The work plan (task scheduler) is defined from the central system. This organizer is made up by a list of Delivery or Pick-up Orders (DOs) which automatically comes from the central dispatching system.

The personalized organizer is transmitted to the corresponding mobile device where DOs with the following options are shown:

  • View organized by the hours of the scheduled DOs.
  • View by the physical address of the customer and the route to go from current location to the destination address.
  • Delivery list (ID and description of each parcel).
  • Technical documentation and instructions.
  • Comment fields and notes regarding the delivery/pick-up.

Through real time dispatching, the system allows for ad-hoc pickups of specific customers while, at the same time, reducing the number of ad-hoc tours.

Route calculation

Several Routing & Mileage features are offered by the system:

  • Address to Address Routing, with multiple stops.
  • Full color interactive maps
  • Detailed driving directions
  • Costs by Route

The calculation of an optimized route with multiple points of delivery (over 20) can take a significant computing time, delaying the tasks of dispatchers and drivers. To overcome this problem the system uses an effective genetic algorithm to reduce the number of boundary nodes and road sections, obtaining an optimized route in a matter of seconds. It provides a complete itinerary, the travel time between each segment and the distance.

Stop Control

The system controls that the driver is stopping at exactly the right locations. At the point of delivery, the driver scans items listed in the Delivery and Pick-Up Order. Axional PUD confirms address, consignee, and item information. Recipient signature is captured for delivery confirmation. If recipient is not available, driver can log a geographical location & time stamp and, if required can capture a digital image of drop-off location to confirm positive identification.

The Delivery or Pick-Up information is transmitted to the central system in real time. If no connection is available, Axional PUD will re-try as soon as connectivity is restored. In this way, customer service will have immediate access to the parcel status.

The system is barcode enabled. Packages are all barcoded and scanned for real-time updates and tracking.

Proof of Delivery (POD) and Chain of Custody

With the automated proof of delivery provided by Axional PUD, companies will substantially reduce errors, increase driver productivity and improve their service level by keeping their operations and customers better informed. The system allows for:

  • Document proof of delivery through image or signature capture
  • Generate complete proof-of-delivery and chain-of-custody documentation

Tracking confidential and proprietary information online from pick up through delivery is essential to maintaining your customer’s confidence. Axional PUD includes capabilities for tracking of sensitive, confidential information or products. The system tracks electronic evidence from the moment drivers receive the parcel and its reports provide the information needed to demonstrate the chain of custody is uncompromised.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

The system includes the capability for cash on delivery collection. The waybill and electronic invoicing is generated in the back office, allowing the application of price adjustments and discounts tailored to each customer. The system can even send special dispatcher and customer instructions to the courier’s device.

The mobile device supports online payment processing and can be configured to accept any type of payment (cards, cash, checks …). It includes a Cash-audit feature to determine if all cash received is properly recorded and balance matches cash on hand and/or on deposit. The user interface is very user friendly and similar to a point of sale (POS) device in order to speed up the collection of payments.

Compliance with regulations and guidelines

In many sectors, the regulations regarding health and safety oblige the delivery/pick-up process to be carried out in agreement with established protocols. Those protocols can be imposed by regulatory requirements or by customer guidelines.

Axional PUD allows pushing package handling instructions to the mobile device. By guiding your drivers step-by-step, managers will ensure that protocols as well as company procedures are adhered to for greater accountability.

When passing audits of customers, Axional – PUD includes features that will help to prove that the activities are executed in conformity the norms.

Control of Over, Shortage & Damage events

The Delivery and Pick-up Order shown on the mobile device provides the driver with all the information he needs to resolve discrepancies. When completing the DO, the driver will easily identify missing scans.

In case of shortages, the software displays all relative reference numbers for the OD, making it easy to pinpoint the error and make the necessary corrections on the spot.

Overages and damages happen; Axional PUD employs data collection and imaging technology to prove the count and condition of the inventory. When a damaged parcel is found, photos and sketches can be recorded in the mobile device. Specific comments or remarks can be added as well. The recipient’s signature is captured to prevent future disputes.

When drivers identify overages, they can scan the barcodes of left-over parcels and send the information to the central dispatching system.

Returns management

Axional PUD helps to manage physical movements of returns on behalf of customers. The system ensures that documents or parcels that need to be signed and returned safely are handled properly. The driver will only need to complete the acceptance of the return order by doing a few scans.

The system also includes return trip signatures to provide proof of returned items, when they were returned and who signed off on it.

It also features an option to convert a “One-way” DO into a “Round-Trip” DO on-the-fly. This is a very convenient capability for industries were returns are very common.


Using Axional PUD, dispatchers can send detailed information about orders, stops and parcels to drivers. On each stop, drivers will provide real-time delivery status updates using barcode scanning and recipient’s signature capture. The system also allows for SMS messaging to communicate with drivers.

Axional PUD includes a complete Audit Trail. The system logs all changes that are made to DOs, scheduled stops, ad-hoc pick-up. That information is then date/time and location stamped and sent to corporate systems providing dispatchers with near real-time parcel status and driver location updates.

As drivers complete their deliveries or pick-ups, Axional PUD will provide a real-time update of delivery status.

Productivity and Operational reports and alerts

From the central systems, dispatchers have at all times reliable information as to how the operations in the field are developing and can, as a consequence, respond. Axional PUD offers the following functions:

  • Modification of the organizer in real-time. The urgent deliveries can be planned from the central system and sent to the assigned driver, whose organizer is updated in an instantaneous way.
  • The system shows the status of the driver’s assigned DOs and is capable of managing canceled DOs or those awaiting completion due to an incident.
  • Operating cost calculators to help owner drivers and transport operators determine their vehicle and courier operating costs.
  • Invoicing based on reports of mileages and other operating costs.

The system includes a number of statistics about the work carried out, so that the operative can monitor the extent to which established objectives have been fulfilled. These statistics shows the most important KPI’s used in the industry:

  • Operational KPI’s
    • Percentage of Empty kilometers: Percentage of kilometers or trips that carried no inventory/freight.
    • Optimized Load Fulfillment (OLF): Percentage of actual load vs. standard pay load of carrier in cubic or weight.
    • Percentage of undamaged goods after shipping/transportation
    • Vehicle time utilization: Time that vehicles are used as a percentage of total planned or available utilization time.
    • Average quantity per shipment.
    • Average number of stops per trip/per vehicle
    • Average of Fuel Amount per Package.
    • Net ton kilometer (NTKM): The summation of every one ton moved one kilometer. This KPI takes into account the change in loadings as well as distance.
    • Fuel usage / Ton / Km.
    • Greenhouse gases emitted per kilometer traveled and fleet average per vehicle emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Service Level
    • Global Transportation quality of service: Quality of service is measured through comparing the number of shipment arrived within the target LT for the transport vs. the actual LT for the transport it simply equals.
    • Percentage of orders delivered with damaged products/items.
    • Ratio of damages as percentage of throughput.
    • On-time pickups: Calculated by dividing the number of pick-ups made on-time (by the freight carrier) by the total number of shipments in a period.
    • On-time delivery and pickup: Percentage of shipments which were delivered on-time upon the total number of shipments.
    • Ad-hoc transportation requests rate: Measures the percentage met of ad-hoc transportation requests.
    • Transit time: Measured by the number of hours from the time a shipment leaves the facility to the time it arrives at the customer’s location.
    • Percentage of orders/items arrived at the right location.
  • Financial
    • Claims as percentage of freight costs: Calculated by dividing total loss and damage claims by total freight costs.
    • Percentage of free orders delivered cost: Percentage of the cost of free orders delivered as a sample or bonus related to the total transportation cost.
    • Average Freight Revenue per Ton-Kilometer.
    • Accessorial costs as percent of total freight: Calculated by dividing accessorial and surcharges by total freight expenditures for the period.
    • Ratios of Fuel costs by Ton by Km
    • Freight cost per unit shipped: Calculated by dividing total freight costs by number of units shipped per period.
    • Invoicing accuracy: Calculated by dividing the number of error-free freight bills by the total number of freight bills in the period.

Fleet management

The system also includes a full set of back-office functions to facilitate the management of the physical fleet of vehicles, among them:

  • Management of all type of vehicle contracts (rented, leased, owned…).
  • Management of vehicle’s maintenance plans.
  • Scheduling of official Vehicle Inspection in the examination centers.
  • Management of official documentation in digital form.
  • Handling of fines and penalties by vehicle and by driver.
  • Management of specific transport payment cards (for fuel, tolls, parking lots…)


The system works both tightly coupled or weakly coupled. It can work independently of network service by locally storing information when a driver is working in a “Dead-zone” and quickly synchronizing with the server when connectivity becomes available.

When a connection is not available, data is captured and stored on the mobile device. The validity of data stored is checked directly on the mobile device. Once a connection is available, all information is immediately transferred, without requiring the user intervention.

Android-based scanning devices

Honeywell Intermec CN51 for Android

CN51 for Android

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is a leading manufacturer of high-performance laser-based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners. Features and Benefits of this Android-powered scanning device:

  • Honeywell Enhanced Android™ Operating System: Provides enterprise users with superior remote management capabilities; valuable security features; a user-friendly interface; and a long lifecycle that matches that of the traditional Intermec CN51 offering
  • Lightweight and Compact Design: Reduces user fatigue by offering all of the functionality needed in an easy-to-carry form factor
  • Superior 3.5? Outdoor-Viewable VGA Display: Allows mobile workers to seamlessly interact with data in virtually any lighting condition
  • Rugged and Reliable: Durable construction and sealing deliver reliable operation and maximize worker uptime
  • Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Delivers full wireless coverage for applications inside and outside of the four walls, allowing real-time access to critical data
  • Powerful Processor and Network Connections: Delivers fast business transactions, allowing workers to complete multiple tasks quickly

Read more on the official product page, Intermec CN51 for Android. (We are not affiliated with Honeywell).

Adlink IMX-2000

Adlink IMX-2000

Running the Android 2.3 operating system, the IMX-2000 is an Industrial Mobile Computing (IMC) product that provides a brand new service to customers in the AIDC industry. Combining high-performance RFID, barcode scanner and 3G/WLAN wireless transmission functions, as well as Android operating system and a user-friendly numeric keypad, the IMX-2000 can be applied in a wide range of industries, including factory automation, logistics management, and transportation, to satisfy diverse application requirements with full support.


  • 3.5″ QVGA display; sunlight readable
  • Data input by numeric keypad in Android
  • Wireless radio: *WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n *WPAN: Class II EDR, V2.1 *WWAN: GSM / WCDMA / HSDPA
  • Integrated GPS & AGPS
  • Data capture: *Integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner *HF RFID (13.56MHz) data capture: ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B
  • 5M pixel camera; auto focus
  • 3900mAh Li-ion battery
  • 1.5m drop test and IP65 sealing

Read more on the official product page, Adlink IMX-2000. (We are not affiliated with Adlink Technology Inc.).

Cilico CM380

Cilico CM380

  • Android OS: AndroidO/S enable customers run all kinds applications.
  • Military quality, Rugged/ IP65:CM380 is can withstand multiple drops onto concrete from 1.5 meters. As well as environmental conditions with its IP65 sealing design, it support underwater operation.
  • Scratch-resistant Touch Screen: CM380 is with 3.8-inch Gorilla Glass from famous helicopter glass manufacturer, It is very hard, scratch-resistant and breakage-proof effect is outstanding, and the daily waterproof and dustproof effect is also very good. It can adapt on-site environmental well.
  • Multi-Data Capture Functions: It is designed special for industrial use, with built-in Symbol laser barcode scanner, it suitable for all kinds of complicated industrial environment. Integrated CILICO patent RFID reader, offer reliable card reading.
  • 3G Communication: Support WCDMA 3G high-speed internet access. Users can transmit information anytime anywhere. Now, support HSDPA/HSUPA, download speed up to 14.4Mbps.
  • Various wireless communication: Support Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g.
  • Convenient Data Entry: With alphabet /numeric keypad design, CM380 provide users with better experience to entry data information and more convenient in use.
  • 2000mA.H Large Capacity Battery: With standard 2000mA.H large capacity battery, it can assure long time continuous working.
  • Market / Application: CM380 is a perfect device for Purchasing-Sales-Inventory Management; Government remote working; Warehouse Management; Medicine management; Retail management and associates mall e-commerce management; Logistics management; Ordering; Access Control.

Read more on the official product page, Cilico CM380, “Android Barcode Scanner Smart Phone”. (We are not affiliated with Cilico).