Mobility Solutions

Axional Mobility Solutions build on the common Axional Mobile platform. This platform provides a framework designed to facilitate organizations to develop ways for mobile users to communicate and interact with mainframe applications running on remote database servers

Axional Mobile delivers the set of elements needed to develop advanced enterprise applications that run on Android™ terminals, such as the three specific Axional Mobile solutions that provide a portable and user-friendly access and, from each individual perspective, empower users to:

  • Excel in a complex and demanding retail sales environment.
  • Improve and monitor customer relationships.
  • Have an enhanced and streamlined maintenance system point of access.

Axional Mobility Solutions are divided in:

Core Axional Mobile Core Connect mobile users to the precise data
and functionality they require
OLAP Axional Mobile OLAP A powerfull OLAP Android™ client
to analyse your company’s data
MDM Axional Mobile MDM A Mobile Device Management to administer your Android™ devices
POS Axional Mobile Point of Sale Convert your Android™ smartphone into
a mobile Point of Sale
SF Axional Mobile Sales Force A single point of interaction
with your customer
CMMS Axional Mobile CMMS A Computerized Maintenance Management System
solution for your Android™ mobile deveices
PUD Axional Mobile PUD An Android™ based Pick-up &
Delivery Management System
WMS Axional Mobile WMS A Warehouse Management System (WMS)
in your Android™ mobile devices
EXP Axional Mobile Expenses
(Coming soon)
A system of expenses management to simplify business administration
SGP Axional Mobile Security Guard Patrol Turn your Android ™ smartphone into a powerful security tool for your operators