Axional Portal

The power of your corporate systems
in your employee’s smartphones

Axional Portal is a flexible enterprise framework for building company intranet portals. It is specially designed to provide easy access to data stored in common relational databases such as:

The portal manager gives users access to channels of information, desktop alerts or Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Channels can be designed using the development framework by IT systems personnel. A channel can range from a single SQL statement to a complex routine, and it can be rendered in many ways, including lists, superlists, drill-down tables, pie charts, radar charts, etc.

Operational dashboards

These provide easy access to company data allowing to design useful information channels,  for day-to-day user activity. Both transactional and non-transactional data grids are available. Drill-down capabilities to allow navigation across applications are also available.

Business intelligence dashboards

Axional Portal can be used as a Business Intelligence (BI) system. Forget about complex non-transparent BI systems. If you have a good set of data and a comprehensive knowledge of it, you can easily construct your own BI system.

Maps and geolocation

A rich set of functions are included to allow access to relational and geographic information. These functions make it easy to represent your transactional or statistical information on a map.

Monitoring & surveillance

Easy integration for remote surveillance of offices, shop floors, warehouses,  monitoring performance and status of machinery, and equipment, is available using a scripting library to access  remote info over  ftp, sftp, snmtp and socket protocols.