Axional ERP

Over the Web, accessed in a cloud delivery
model, enterprise solution suite

Axional ERP is a Java/J2EE 3-tier web-native application suite (built specifically to be used over the web) that is accessed via a cloud delivery model. A common browser gives users easy application access anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the model requires no costly client-side hardware and less IT support than conventional systems.

Applications can be hosted “in house/intranet” (in your own data center) or “in cloud/internet” (in a data center such COLT, Amazon S3, IBM cloud, etc).

Designed to deal with the complexity of modern business organizations, it provides robust, out-of-the-box capabilities with industry-specific needs built in. This means a better fit for company requirements, fewer customizations, and faster and more reliable implementations.

Its functionality gives unparalleled control over the complexities of global operations, and its Business Processes approach increases your company’s effectiveness (value for the customer) and efficiency (less costs for the company).

View of Axional Business Processes / Modules mapping:

See the BCT to know which browsers are compatible with Axional ERP.