Informix Services

The human team is specialized in consulting services and solutions for the Informix DB. These solutions are mainly focused on maintenance and improvement of mission critical business environments.  Moreover, it is possible to provide the technical support needed by companies that rely on Informix.

Our portfolio of services offers a full range of Informix consulting and support solutions, including virtual DBA services, the development of applications for Informix environments,  expert advice or training services.

Our technicians are highly qualified and they cumulate multiple official certifications in the area of IBM Data Management and a valuable experience supporting important facilities of Informix worldwide, as well. We also have Informix specialists with a high degree of experience and international recognition. As part of our added value offer, at we are able to deliver our support and services in Spanish, Catalan, English and French in the different time zones of the planet.

Value offer

Acquiring or renewing the maintenance of IBM Informix products with Deister, includes an offer of value-added services that we provide to our customers and that increase the benefits of the services contracted with the manufacturer.

  • Consulting for the right “sizing” of the hardware.
  • Optimization and choice of the best licensing mode, to suit with the specific needs of the client.
  • Assistance in preparing the environment for a “Compliance Informix”
  • Assistance to identify  problems and easying the relationship with Informix’s official technical support.
  • Access to “know-how” of experts.
  • Access to the best prices of the market.

Installation and configuration

The installation service contains all elements required to install and configure a database system according to the defined requirements.

Through this service our team of consultants and experts works close up with the client, to develop the framework of conditions and plan the necessary steps to path for the correct configuration of the server.

  • Evaluation of the client applications that access to the database.
  • Analysis of the connectivity and interfaces required (ODBC, JDBC, etc.)
  • Analysis of the infrastructure: 2-tier, n-tier.
  • Calculation of necessary resources: disk, memory, CPU.
  • Planning of the installation of external components: SDK, iSQL, etc.
  • Planning and documentation of the initial configuration of the system.
  • Support of security configuration depending on the availability requirements, service time or available resources.

License Part #: IFX-000-01


Often, it is necessary to migrate databases between servers with incompatible architectures or between versions without a supported update path. In such scenarios, the assistance of specialized personnel with experience in this type of tasks is required to minimize the risks and optimize the downtime of the systems.

has this valuable knowledge and  a high skilled team what makes available to customers, a database migration package that includes the analysis of the best migration method among the different possibilities, the transfer of information from the database between servers and the verification that all structures and data have been correctly transferred.

In addition the customer obtains a clear checking or tunning of the engine parameters, in connection to the new features and enhancements of  new versions. Moreover, advising about backup policies,  and documentatio of the overall process.

License Part #: IFX-001-01

Preventive support and virtual DBA

Deister has amounted a wide exprience, after working more than twenty years in Informix environments, complemented with the experience of developing database tools and the implementation of large database implementation projects.

Our customers can take advantage directly, of this experience, collected over the years. Our offer is not simply about providing standard update support or reassignment of cases to IBM personnel. Our comprehensive support offer, allows benefit from our know-how and complete management of each case, accessing not only the knowledge databases of IBM, but also the experience and management skills of our staff.

  • Our Informix specialists have extensive experience and recognition. You can access your board for both, how to address the resolution of problems and also how to obtain the best methods of installation or configuration of the equipment.

License Part #: IFX-002-01

IWA installation and configuration

If you need to reduce response times for your complex queries in data warehouse environments, we can help you to install, configure and start using the Informix Accelerator (IWA) upon your Informix database. The use of IWA is transparent to final users; no changes are required at the applications level or changes in the database schema.

If you need a solution to increase the speed of your datawarehouse queries while simplifying the administration of your systems, our services offer Informix IWA will help you design and implement the datamarts and know how to implement the advanced features of the state-of-the-art accelerators from Informix.

License Part #: IFX-003-01

Training workshops

Informix Introduction

This is a basic 2-day course addressed to a wide spectrum of people as it tries to train in the basic aspects of the database engine.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to::

  • Plan, install and launch an Informix instance
  • Know concepts of authentication, authorization and security
  • Create databases and objects
  • Use SQL to perform operations on the database
  • Understand the mechanisms of concurrence
  • Know the mechanisms of replication and high availability

Informix Administration

With this advanced level seminar targeting analysts, programmers and DBAs,  some advanced features of Informix are worked and the administration mechanisms are studied.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees will be able to:

  • Configure the server to allow local and remote connections.
  • Use Informix utilities to supervise server activity.
  • Describe shared memory components and configure components size.
  • Identify disk architecture components of database server.
  • Create dbspaces, blobspaces and sbspaces spaces and add chunks in these spaces.
  • Explain the purpose of the physical logs and logical logs and supervise logging activity
  • View individual transactions that are written in logical log files.
  • Describe the importance of checkpoints on the server
  • Explain and understand the purpose of the temporary spaces used by the server
  • Monitor resources used by the users meeting.
  • Use different solutions of problems techniques to identify and solve common problems.

Informix Backup: PSM, onbar, ontape y dbexport

Intended for analysts and DBAs this seminar allows to deepen the installation, configuration and better use methods of different mechanisms for carrying out backups of Informix systems and their restoration.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of backup copies and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one of available methods.
  • Create statements and planning backups.
  • Use of copies to ASCII files, linear binary copies and advantages of Onbar using Onbar.
  • Configure and start-up of PSM Informix.
  • Object analysis and backup structure.
  • Use of Onbar for creating and restoring copies.
  • How to transfer PSM copies between servers

Installing and configuring Informix Warehouse Accelerator

This seminar is planned for analysts and DBAs and it will allow to gain the necessary knowledge to install and configure the accelerator Informix IWA.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees will be able to:

  • Know the operating architecture of the Informix IWA accelerator.
  • Install the accelerator.
  • Get the best configuration of coprocessors and memory for each client’s needs.
  • Deploy accelerator clusters.
  • Define datamarts from the Data Studio or trough learning.

Know how they work and how to configure advanced features such as: trickle feed, partition refresh, NoSQL acceleration, use of synonyms, views and external tables, etc.

Informix NoSQL: Management of unstructured data

This seminar targets  analysts, programmers and DBAs and explores the use, installation, and configuration of NoSQL or JSON data within the Informix database.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the motivation for the use of NoSQL databases.
  • Install and configure the necessary infrastructure for the use of data NoSQL.
  • Create tables and data support structures NoSQ
  • Configure a listener for access interfaces MongoDB
  • Use the SQL statements to access and manipulate data NoSQL
  • Configure server farms for sharding data NoSQL

Administration and programming with Informix TimeSeries

This seminar will allow you to obtain the knowledge to extend the functionalities of the database adding time series (with date and time), in any set of data that is accessed sequentially in the time. This will give us the option to be able to process and analyze chronologically the data generated by smart meters, RFiD tags, etc.

At the end of the seminar, the attendees will be able to:

  • Create and configure time series tables.
  • Define calendars and storage sequences.
  • Evaluate benefits respect to acceleration of load times and realtime availability.
  • Use the extraction and filtering functions time series natives.
  • Set VTI interfaces for data processing using SQL.
  • Create datamarts and accelerate queries to time series tables.

License Part #: IFX-900-01