With their industry and technological knowledge and with their consultancy services, ’s partners are a key element to make your company achieve the best results when implementing our solutions. That’s why our partnership program is an essential part of our client service strategy.

continues to build relationships with companies, whose products or services complement our solutions, creating a partner ecosystem with the capability to offer the best solutions adapted to the customer’s specific needs around the world.

Become a partner

A partnership relationship with is mutually profitable. We have a clearly defined set of requirements, advantages and options that represent this type of relationship. This means that you cannot find a better agreement for your business.

As a partner, we can contribute to create new opportunities that make your business grow, through our technology and experience. We will work together to give your clients the utmost level of satisfaction.

Who could be interested in becoming a partner?

  • Consulting companies that need innovative products for their clients.
  • Cloud services suppliers, as we can offer a broad set of solutions available on the cloud.
  • Businesses its focus of attention are data bases such as Informix or DB2, as we have a wide range of products specifically designed.
  • Businesses oriented to geospatial technologies needing a powerful database development structure.
  • Companies with their own ERP applications that need a new cloud solution for their local market.

Advantages of belonging to the partners program

  • Access to our solutions of advanced functionality and technology, including the possibility of offering services on the Cloud.
  • Training programs on our solutions to increase your delivery capabilities
  • Technical support to quickly solve your doubts and problems.
  • Possibility of joint marketing actions to enhance the commercial effectiveness.
  • Periodical updating of products and functionalities.

Increase your company revenues with Partner program. We are actively looking for new partners in Europe (Germany, France, UK) and in Latin America (Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru).

Our partnership program

Our partnership program is aimed to offer real value along the entire product life cycle, from strategic consultancy to implementation, to cloud services. The program includes the following modalities:

Business consulting partners
Managed Services Providers (MSP)
Developers Network
Technology partners

Referral Partner Program

With the Referral Program, Deister rewards partners that provide us with new leads or prospects for our solutions.

How does it work? It’s not required to be a previous partner to join the Referral Program. Just register in the Referral Program and submit the information of the referral prospect.

With this program, your company can benefit from:

  • Provide to your customers with real value solutions and earn revenue from the selling.
  • No previous investment is required, nor a specific commitment to our solutions.
  • Use Deister sales and consulting support during the selling process
  • Once registered on the program, you will receive updated information on new products, features and services.