As a result of the experience acquired by Deister Software in the implementation of ERP solutions, it has identified several business sectors which receive the support of specialized solutions. These solutions take account of the specific features of each sector and activity.

Our Business Solutions offers fully-integrated solutions for financial management, sales, purchasing management, reporting, budgeting, as well as for specific requests from a variety of businesses. With its tailor-made, off-the-shelf solutions, Deister Business Solutions seamlessly links a complex combination of strategic business processes into an understandable whole.

On the other hand, the ERP solutions offered by have a high degree of parameterization, which means they can be implemented quickly and efficiently in many different sectors.

The combination of the aforementioned concepts has led to the creation of sector-based solutions, in which the standard ERP solution is complemented by several functions, together with data structures and software components that are appropriate to the sector for which the solution is intended.